This page contains resources about Variational Methods and Variational Bayesian Inference.

Subfields and ConceptsEdit

  • Variational Calculus / Calculus of Variations
  • Variational Analysis‎
  • Variational free energy
  • Free energy principle
  • Conjugate Duality
  • Exponential family
  • Conjugate prior family
  • Variance reduction techniques (VRT) in Monte Carlo Gradients
    • Control variates
    • Rao–Blackwellization
    • By linear regression
    • Reparameterization trick / Reparameterization Gradient / Coordinate Tranformation / Invertible Tranformation / Elliptical Standarization
    • Local Expectation Gradient
    • Importance Sampling
    • Generalized Reparameterization (G-REP) Gradient
  • Gradient Estimators
    • Score Function (SF) Estimator
    • Pathwise Derivative (PD) Estimator
    • Reparameterization Gradient
    • Generalized Reparameterization (G-REP) Gradient
  • Evidence Lower Bound (ELBO) / Variational Lower Bound
  • Structured Variational Inference
  • Kullback–Leibler (KL) Divergence
  • Variational Bayes
  • Variational Bayesian EM (VBEM)
  • Stochastic Variational Inference
  • Stochastic Gradient-based Variational Inference
  • Stochastic Gradient Variational Bayes (SGVB) Estimator
  • Deep Variational Bayes Filter (DVBF)
  • Wake-Sleep Algorithm
  • Auto-Encoding Variational Bayes (AEVB) Algorithm
  • Variational Autoencoder (VAE)
  • Hierarchical Variational Models
  • Expectation Propagation
    • Loopy Belief Propagation / Loopy Sum-Product Message Passing
    • Assumed Density Filtering (ADF) / Moment Matching
  • Kullback-Leibler (KL) Variational Inference / Mean field Variational Bayes
    • Structured Mean field / Structured Variational Approximation
    • Weighted Mean Field
  • Tree-based reparameterizations
  • Tree-reweighted belief propagation
  • Bethe and Kikuchi free energy
  • Generalized Belief Propagation
  • Forwared KL divergence / Moment Projection (M-Projection)
  • Reverse KL divergence / Information Projection (I-Projection)
  • Online Bayesian Variational (OBV) Inference Algorithms
  • Neural Variational Inference and Learning (NVIL)
  • Non-conjugate Variational Inference
  • Rejection Sampling Variational Inference (RSVI)
  • Reinforced Variational Inference
  • Generic and Automated Variation Inference
    • Black-Box Variational Inference (BBVI)
    • Automatic Variational Inference (AVI)
    • Automatic Differentiation Variational Inference (ADVI)
    • Generalized Reparameterization (G-REP) Gradient
    • SGVB with local expectation gradients (LeGrad)
    • SGVB with reparametrization-based gradient (ReGrad) / Reparameterization trick
    • SGVB with the log derivative trick (LdGrad) / Score Function Method 
  • Overdispersed BBVI (O-BBVI)
  • Stochastic Optimization
    • Gradient Ascend on ELBO
  • Stochastic Approximation
    • Robbins-Monro Algorithm (using noisy estimates of the gradient)
  • Energy-Based Model (EBM)
    • Free energy (i.e. the contrastive term)
    • Regularization term
    • Loss functionals or Loss functions or Energy functionals
      • Energy Loss
      • Generalized Perceptron Loss
      • Generalized Margin Losses
      • Negative Log-Likelihood Loss

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Books and Book ChaptersEdit

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Scholarly ArticlesEdit

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