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This page contains resources about Probabilistic Graphical Models, Probabilistic Machine Learning and Probabilistic Models, including Latent Variable Models.

Bayesian and non-Bayesian approaches can either be used.

Subfields and Concepts[]

See Category:Probabilistic Graphical Models for some of its subfields.

  • Bayesian Networks (directed graphical models) - not  necessarily following a "Bayesian" approach
  • Markov Random Fields (undirected graphical models)
    • Gibbs Random Field
    • Gaussian MRF / Undirected Gaussian Graphical Model
    • Lattice Model
      • Potts Model
      • Ising Model
    • Hopfield Network
    • Boltzmann Machine
      • Restricted Boltzmann Machine
    • Conditional Random Field
    • Structural Support Vector Machine
    • Deep Boltzmann Machine
    • Associative Markov Network
    • Maximum Entropy (Maxent) Model
    • Structural Support Vector Machine (SSVM) / Max Margin Markov Network (M3net)
    • Factor Graph
  • Stochastic Models (Stochastic Processes, Random Fields, ...)
  • Latent Variable Models (i.e. Partially Observed Probabilistic Models)
  • Mixed Networks (i.e. both deterministic and probabilistic)
  • Chain Graph / Mixed Graph (i.e. both directed and undirected edges)
  • Structure Learning
    • PC Algorithm
    • Network Scoring
    • Chow-Liu Trees
    • Minimal I-Map
    • Bayesian Model Selection
    • Annealed Importance Sampling
    • Sparsity promoting priors
      • L2-regularization / Bayesian Ridge Regression / Gaussian prior
      • L1-regularization / Bayesian LASSO / Laplace prior
      • Spike and Slab / Bernoulli-Gaussian prior
  • Inference in graphical models / Probabilistic Inference
    • Exact Inference / Exact Marginalization
      • Enumeration
      • Variable Elimination Algorithm / Bucket Elimination
      • Sum-Product Algorithm / Belief Propagation / Sum-Product Message Passing / Factor Graph propagation
      • Max-Product Algorithm / Max-Product Belief Propagation / Max-Sum Algorithm
      • Conditioning
      • Junction Tree Algorithm / Clique Tree Propagation
      • Forward-Backward Algorithm (used for HMM)
      • Baum-Welch Algorithm (used for HMM)
      • Viterbi Algorithm (used for HMM)
    • Approximate Inference

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Books and Book Chapters[]

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Scholarly Articles[]

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