This page contains resources about Markov Random Fields (undirected graphical models) or Markov Networks.

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  • Gibbs Random Field
  • Gaussian MRF / Undirected Gaussian Graphical Model
  • Lattice Model
    • Potts Model
    • Ising Model
  • Hopfield Network
  • Boltzmann Machine
    • Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  • Conditional Random Field
  • Structural Support Vector Machine
  • Deep Boltzmann Machine
  • Associative Markov Network
  • Maximum Entropy (Maxent) Model
  • Structural Support Vector Machine (SSVM) / Max Margin Markov Network (M3net)
  • Factor Graph

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Books and Book ChaptersEdit

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Scholarly ArticlesEdit

  • Wang, C., Komodakis, N., & Paragios, N. (2013). Markov random field modeling, inference & learning in computer vision & image understanding: A survey. Computer Vision and Image Understanding117(11), 1610-1627.



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