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  • Kourouklides

    This blog contains news articles about Neuromorphic Engineering or Neuromorphic Computing.

    • World's largest neuromorphic supercomputer is switched on
    • Engineers design artificial synapse for “brain-on-a-chip” hardware
    • Intel’s New Chips Are More Brain-Like Than Ever

    • Intel Unveils Neural Compute Engine in Movidius Myriad X VPU to Unleash AI at the Edge
    • The race to build an AI chip for everything just got real
    • Neuromorphic and Deep Neural Networks
    • Intel unveils an AI chip that mimics the human brain
    • Behold The BrainChip PCIe Card, World's First Accelerator For Neuromorphic Computing
    • The future of AI is neuromorphic. Meet the scientists building digital 'brains' for your phone
    • Intel’s New Brain-Like Chip Can Adapt to New Jobs
    • Intel Unveils Neuromorphic, Sel…

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  • Kourouklides

    This blog contains news articles about Deep Learning

    • Deep Learning at MIT Technology Review
    • Deep Learning at TechCrunch
    • Deep Learning at VentureBeat
    • Deep Learning at KDnuggets
    • Deep Learning at GigaOM
    • Deep Learning at Wired
    • Deep Learning at Forbes
    • Deep Learning at i-Programmer
    • Deep Learning at Business Insider

    • New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Learning

    • How ‘China’s Google’ Baidu uses deep learning to make your phone smarter
    • Google buys city guides app Jetpac, support to end on September 15
    • Ersatz Labs’ deep learning platform is now available to anyone who can handle it
    • Why is everyone so excited about deep learning?
    • Deep learning on the Raspberry Pi!
    • Get off the deep learning bandwagon and get some perspective
    • Computer science: The learning machi…

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  • Kourouklides
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