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Bayesian Networks do not necessarily follow Bayesian approach, but they are named after Bayes' Rule.

Bayes' Rule can be used at both the parameter level and the model level.

Subfields and ConceptsEdit

  • Bayesian Parameter Estimation
  • Bayesian Feature Selection / Bayesian Variable Selection
    • Spike and Slab Method
    • Kuo & Mallick
    • Gibbs Variable Selection (GVS)
    • Stochastic Search Variable Selection (SSVS)
    • Adaptive shrinkage with Jeffreys' prior or Laplace prior
    • Reversible jump MCMC
  • Variational Bayesian Inference
  • Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
    • Automatic Variational ABC
    • Variational Bayes with Intractable Likelihood (VBIL)
  • Bayesian Information Theory
    • The Principle of Maximum Entropy
    • Bayesian Occam's Razor
    • Minimum Message Length (MML)
  • Bayesian Linear (Regression) Model
  • Bayesian Naive Bayes
  • Bayesian Mixture Models
  • Sparse Bayesian Models
    • Bayesian LASSO
    • Bayesian Ridge Regression
    • Relevance Vector Machine (RVM) / Automatic Relevance Determination  / Sparse Bayesian Learning
    • The Spike and Slab Model
  • Bayesian State Space Models
    • Bayesian Linear Dynamical System
    • Bayesian Time Series
    • Bayesian Structural Time Series (BSTS)
  • Probabilistic Matrix Factorization
  • Bayesian Multitask Learning 
  • Bayesian Optimization
  • Bayesian Reinforcement Learning
  • Bayesian Neural Network
  • Bayesian Deep Learning

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Books and Book ChaptersEdit

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Scholarly ArticlesEdit

See also Further Reading.

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